Wind, messenger of Mother Nature

A short poem/spell I just wrote.

Today where I live is very windy and the sound of the whirling air inspired me. I felt like the Air Spirits were talking to me, to be quiet because what it is going on right now will be over soon.

Wind, down from the North, this is your path.
Bring fresh air to clean up these desolated lands.

Wind, up from the South, this is your path.
Cleanse and refresh every town and street, household and mind. Warm up spirits and places.

Wind, far from the East, this is your path.
Uplifts our souls as everywhere around us.

Wind, back from the West, this is your path.
Share your wilderness and power with us, to get through difficult times and not let us fall.

Wind. Air. Messenger of Mother Nature for better time.

So mote it be.

Maiden Raven

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Power. Soul. Life.

Silence, the rage of the soul.
Silence, the scream of the mind.

Dance in the rain,
Dance in the wind.

Feel your ancient power
flows again in your vein.

It’s your heritage,
It’s your legacy,
It’s your true self.

Honour it.
Rejoice it.

Maiden Raven

A spark from the stars

Beyond the rainbow

Over the farthest cloud

In the outer atmoshere

Stars are shining

Their stories.

Don’t you feel their voices in your head

Telling the old legend of how you came

From Them.

As you were made of their same matter,

A being born from the Universe, part of It.

A sparkling little piece of a star living on Earth.


Maiden Raven


Behind the forests of the mind

In the deep of mazes of thoughts

There you can find your dreams.

There, they wait

To be nurtured by your desire.

Seeds of possible futures.

Waiting to be woken up.

Overcome your fears,

Go beyond your limits,

Beyond your own beliefs.

Go beyond yourself.

Cast a spell to be brave and wander the forest of your thoughts

To wake your dreams.

To turn them into your world.


Maiden Raven

Merry Meet.

Welcome and Merry Meet, Fellow Earthlings

Welcome in my Witch’s Cabinet. I am Raven Storm and I will share with you my little knowledge about few of my favourite topics. I hope you will enjoy the informations I will put in this blog and i hope to create a lovely coven of people whom share interests and beliefs. 

I think knowledge give us a kind of superpower to understand ourselves and the world outside.

Before taking the first step on this path of earth and stars, it’s time to introduce myself. I hope that there will be some of you that will do the same. I feel Internet give us the great opportunity to meet people from over Mother Earth and connect with them, create a virtual bonding.

I am Raven Storm, this is my Witch chosen name but there is no other definition for me. As for You, my beloved followers. We can be whoever we want to be. Everything we create outside us is made by our thoughts, those we send out in the Universe.

The world we live in is made of the same matter of our thoughts. And, as quantum physics is discovering, human beings are made of the same matter of the Universe – that means that we are all connected in a deep way. Shakespeare put it in a little more poetry way saying “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” We create our reality through dreams, through dreams we manifest our desires.

Back to the topic…I was born on Mother Earth in a not so distant past, in a marvellous Country. I was quite young, no more than a little blonde haired child, when I realised I was different from anybody else in my family. I didn’t care about materialistic stuff, I longed for spiritual connections, friendships and love. I thought – I think – those are the only true valuable jewels a human being has to adorne. Love, spirituality, kindness, gentleness, a touch of Magick if you feel it. I was the “weird one”, the “black sheep”, the “one who have to be avoided”. These behaviours influenced me a lot, after all I was only a child and wanted to be loved. For long time I hid my true nature, my beliefs, my desires trying to gain the benevolences of people around me, their love, their approval. But nothing of that happened. My life was miserable because I restrained myself, because I held things I didn’t believe in.

Until it became clear that i couldn’t go on anymore.

Until I decided my self respect was more important than theirs.

Until I understood that I AM the most important person in my life.

And I let go everything.

And I left.

I decided I didn’t want to suffer that way anymore and I found my path to the stars, through Mother Earth. And through my words.

I am the Creator of my own life at my own terms in the way I know it’s the best for me. I returned to my own truth.

This is the reason I opened this blog. 

Here I am. 

Merry Meet

Merry Part

‘Til we Merry Meet Again.


Maiden Raven